Campsite in Brittany

We are proud of it, the camping L’Océan Breton is one of the best campsites in Brittany, since many years. Our customers are happy to find a quality camping, but are also coming to our campsite in southern Brittany to enjoy above all our beautiful region.

We are sharing with you what we think is the beauty and interest of our region


The most beautiful landscapes

Coming to Britanny is to refuel wonderful sceneries, in order to come back from holiday with stars in the eyes. Here is a small preview of the most beautiful landscapes to discover in southern Brittany, not far from our campsite.


Our favorite place to see around the campsite in Brittany

If you had to remember 5 places, it would be these ones we recommend you to visit: here are our 5 favorites representing Brittany in all its glory and that will please all Britanny’s lovers and our camping guests.

Morgane’s Favorite : Pont l’Abbé river





“I take here all my friends coming on holiday. It’s a perfect place to discover the beauty of the britain’s landscape. We can see in the distance the island Tudy, typical peninsula with its pretty houses, the island Chevallier, perfect for shore fishing, a beautiful menhir in the water and we finally get to Pont l’Abbé, with its beautiful buildings on the bridge. ”

Dominique Favorite: the solar wind road

pors carncrtb-ab8479_BERTHIER-Emmanuelpors poulhan






“By car or bike for the very brave, soak up the rugged beauty that unfolds here. Follow the road from the solar wind from the famous chapel Tronoën, emerging from fields of tulips, walk into the protected area of the Pond of St Vio, then go to Pouldreuzic, home of the famous pâté, then head of to the spot Guendrez (surfing), cross to the delightful port of Pors Poulhan, jion Audierne and Plogoff, reach the Pointe du Raz, the proud, beautiful, classified “grand Site de France”. ”

Daniela’s Favorite: Haliotika, to learn all about the sea & marine wildlife


“Haliotika is unavoidable if one comes in Brittany. The arrival of the fishing boats is an awesome moment for young and old. Everyone is immediately amazed at the beauty of such a moment. My son loves the exhibition because it is designed simply and clearly, we learn a lot through plays. This is perfect and indeed unexpected as we often wrongly said that this is not very interesting, but it is really my favorite, that I recommend to all. ”

Elisa’s Favorite: Eckmühl lighthouse

mirroir escalier-colimacon-phare-d-Eckmuehl-600-300 la_pointe_de_penmarc_h_phare_d_eckmuehl_chapelle_de_la_joie_et_c




It is with Haliotika the second place most visited in the Bigouden. Eckmühl lighthouse first pleases me for the beautiful view it offers on the whole coast from the tip of Finistère, but also for its beautiful spiral staircase. Besides, there is a race every year to those who will mount the faster the 307 steps of the lighthouse. The record: 46 seconds 54, you think you can do better?

Alain’s favorite: Glénan islands








“It’s like being in the Caribbean, I love it! It is the feeling of cutting with daily, visit something completely different, almost exotic. For me that’s what holidays feel like, and I am very proud to have such a place so close, that allows us to escape, in a natural, protected area, still wild. ”

Check out our page dedicated to the best tours in Finistère


A family day in Brittany

Brittany, like our campsite, is especially welcoming to families and children: for walks, museums, tourist activities, everything is declined for children. A lot of monuments have prepared a course dedicated to children, with questions, mysteries … All these activities are grouped within the guide « les Ptits curieux en pays bigouden » to guide you in your choice of activities.

Discover a family day in our dedicated page.


A land of welcome foremost

First region of France at the reception by locals


Assessments that we receive each year by our customers let us see that, and it’s finally official: the Breton welcoming spirit is recognized by the tourists who come to Britain. The TRAVELSAT barometer has indeed conducted a study that highlights Brittany as the first French region in terms of reception by the local population.



Because visiting Brittany is also to meet the Bretons, proud of their country and happy to help you discover all! We are waiting for you with open arms


We suggest you the best ambassadors of the territory

Office de tourisme du pays de Pont l'Abbé - Office de tourisme du pays de Pont l'Abbé - Mozilla Firefox

With the Tourist office of Pont l’Abbé, you can discover our beautiful region directly accompanied by a local, a “greeter” who will present his favorites, the whole area seen by him, with his own anecdotes: what better way to really experience a place!



A campsite in the heart of Finistère

The location of our campsite is perfect for you to discover the Finistère & Brittany.

The GR 34 for hiking & other walks

The hiking trailthat runs along the Breton coast of Finistère and runs right next to our campsite. You will be able to walk or bike to explore the many places worth visiting. hiking loops are available to guide you on your travels and we also advise you on the most interesting walks.

The main attractions within an hour’s drive

With the highway right out of Pont l’Abbé, you can access quickly the major cities to see around the campsite: Concarneau, benodet, locronan, Pont Aven, Crozon, Douarnenez or even Brest and Lorient !


To learn more about Brittany:

Discover the sights, events during your stay directly to the Finistère Tourism Site:
Discover the history and heritage of Finistère:





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