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Camping l'Océan Breton, l'histoire du camping et de son espace aquatique

Our story

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The story of a family campsite in Brittany

Between open-air camping and caravanning and the Furic family, it is a love story which has now lasted for nearly 60 years and 3 generations! In 1960, Alain Furic and his wife take over the La Plage campsite in Le Guilvinec. A property situated by the sea which rapidly becomes one of the loveliest campsites in Brittany. Some 20 years after the creation of this establishment, the Furic family take over a holiday camp from the Renault works council, where in summer employees of the car manufacturer are able to stay at a low cost. For the rest of the year, the grounds accommodate the children of these same employees during stays on school study trips at the seaside. Alain Furic fell under the spell of this holiday camp, the upkeep of which left something to be desired and discerned the full potential of the site. The Océan Breton campsite adventure was then able to begin. Since then, 3 generations have succeeded him in leading the campsite with the sole objective of fully living up to holidaymaker expectations.

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Our story



The creation of the La Plage campsite

Camping l'Océan Breton, l'histoire du camping


The Océan Breton campsite opens with the purchase from the Renault works council of a holiday camp converted into a campsite by the Furic family. The year is also marked by the construction of the first swimming pool.


The campsite decides to open to a clientele of European holidaymakers by taking part in exhibitions in England, Germany and the Netherlands. Then after a short time, we welcome our first foreign clients.


We purchase around 100 mobile homes, which foreigners are fond of.

Camping l'Océan Breton, l'histoire du camping et de ses hébergements


The first chalets appear on the Océan Breton campsite, our first out-of-the ordinary accommodation.


Mrs Furic’s daughter, Elisa joins the campsite’s management.

Camping l'Océan Breton, l'histoire du camping et de son espace aquatique


A new water slide complements the water park.

2000 to 2005

Mrs Furic takes an active role in the creation of the Yelloh! Village group, which will very quickly become the most top-of-the-range camping group both in France and Europe. Océan Breton is amongst the 10 founding campsites in the group.

Camping l'Océan Breton, l'Accrobranche


The mobile homes are modernized and the treetop adventure park is opened to the greatest delight of holidaymakers.

Camping l'Océan Breton,l'ouverture de la piscine couverte


In 2008, the campsite decides to improve the level of luxury with the creation of the first indoor swimming pool and a heated sanitary block.

l'Océan Breton campsite, cottage Petit Bois 4pers 2beds 1bthrm Premium outdoor


The leading top-of-the-range Premium accommodation appears on the campsite. Océan Breton becomes the forerunner for premium accommodation in France, and maintains its image as a modern and visionary campsite within the camping and caravanning sector.
The year 2011 is also marked by the creation of the aquatic complex with 2,000 m² set aside for an aquatic area.


Kayleigh, Mrs Furic’s youngest daughter joins the company, which continues to perpetuate the tradition of family management of a high-end campsite in Brittany.


New Premium areas appear on the campsite, with 3 cabins on stilts, and other out-of-the-ordinary accommodation. A second indoor pool is created to meet the needs of all holidaymakers.

l'Océan Breton campsite, the bar and its terrace


The creation of the new “Heart of the Village” with new services such as a bar, a grocery, a restaurant and a “camping village square”, rethought in terms of landscaping for ever closer integration with nature.


After the creation of the new “Heart of the Village” in 2018, Océan Breton is back in 2019 to celebrate its 30-year anniversary. We celebrated it in the appropriate way with all of you, and we thank you all for your loyalty and your commitment to us.


An entirely new Premium area with Premium cottages and a private hot tub was created in 2020.


New water slides are added to the bathing area, including a tyre slide, for the pleasure of our holidaymakers.
Also, the interior and exterior of the Kerlut Manor are being renovated so that it will be possible to rent it as one (big) accommodation.

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