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The Yelloh! Village Advantages

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The Yelloh! Village advantages

L’Océan Breton, a member campsite of the Yelloh! Village group

L’Océan Breton is a member campsite of the Yelloh! Village group. Launched in 2001, with L’Océan Breton campsite being amongst its founder members, Yelloh! Village is nowadays the leader in the high-end campsite field, in France as in Europe, having established a campsite in Spain and in Portugal. Our establishment has been able to benefit from the tremendous momentum brought about by the grouping together under the Yelloh! Village banner, to expand and offer you ever more luxury, services and activities. Quality, attention to detail, innovation and new attractions are the creed of our group which thus offers you the best in camping! With Yelloh! Village, camping is fit for a king!

l'Océan Breton campsite, entertainment with the mascot yellito
l'Océan Breton campsite, the unusual accommodation - the cabin on stilts

Yelloh! Village, the atmosphere of camping, the quality of a hotel

The Yelloh! stamp is found in the spirit of our establishment, through the wooded areas, always very carefully landscaped, in our selection of varied and comfortable accommodation, and with our multilingual team, who are always attentive to you.

The Yelloh! spirit hangs in the air here, so that your choice of holiday is the best, you are pleased to have come, and you have but one wish…that of returning here! In the Yelloh! Village campsites, conviviality is the watchword…

The club spirit, the last word in the Yelloh! Village campsites

When Yelloh! Village offered its members the chance to further characterise their campsite to guide holidaymaker choice, we preferred the “club” attribute to that of “authentic”. To have the “club” spirit means what in fact? For Océan Breton, the “club” spirit is this cocooning aspect of the service, like the armchair which it is always comfortable to sit in. You should understand by this that we do everything possible, beyond just accommodation, so that your stay is delightful and entertaining, whilst remaining relaxing for those who desire it, always with the sense that your holiday is precious.
The Yelloh Club offers you, without forcing it upon you, the chance to make the most right through your days here, of activities within the activity clubs, services such as shops, and the tourist advice of the team at the tourist information point. Our bars and restaurants are open throughout the season. Our local service providers are delighted to accommodate you in exploring the region.

l'Océan Breton campsite, a cocktail on the bar terrace
l'Océan Breton campsite, aerial view of the Premium accommodation

The Yelloh! Village charter, obligations to comply with and stringent checks in attending to your well-being

All of the member campsites of the Yelloh! Village group must comply with a quality framework using 511 criteria, assessed by group representatives, welcomed on our campsite each year. Following this audit, a report is drawn up, enabling us to improve certain points for the following season, so as to both anticipate your needs and satisfy ourselves that our services thoroughly live up to your expectations. Each stay in a Yelloh! Village establishment leads to a customer satisfaction questionnaire being sent out to your address. It will be quickly completed and sent back to us. We read them all. The notes and commentaries are studied and each week sent to the teams concerned. No comment is too trivial and we take advantage of your feedback to improve on service delivery. They form our basis for the future – we draw motivation and ideas from them. We make every effort to respond to all comments and try as much as possible to supply details when this is necessary, but also to put forward interesting or amusing comments so as to share them with the rest of the team. Thank you everyone for the thoughtfulness that you give to this little exercise.

For further information and to make the most of Yelloh! Village’s excellent ideas:

Log on and download our mobile application. Ask for our loyalty card, if you do not yet have it, and enjoy free nights in the low season.

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Always an exceptional natural setting for campsites in the group

Océan Breton is no exception to the rule. The campsite is well kept having a green setting with the scent of the sea. What makes the location magical is the strong presence of the Atlantic which cuts a path through the estuary, the calm of an almost isolated campsite, as well as the reassuring château which sits imposingly at the far end of the park. You should note that our establishment is a committed player in the protection of the countryside. A family of Ouessant sheep has, for example, been on-site for some years to strengthen the gardening team. Their action thus allows, thanks to eco-grazing, the maintenance of a large part of the campsite’s green spaces, and notably the shores of the site.

l'Océan Breton campsite, general aerial view of the campsite

Our green gestures:

  • Management of waste and recycling
  • Monitoring water and energy consumption
  • Rainwater reserve for watering the campsite
  • Reducing car speed
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products
  • Renewal of arboreal species
  • Maps and itineraries for tourist visits on foot or by bike
  • Creation of parking for pedestrian areas

Quality and luxury accommodation with Yelloh!

On the Océan Breton campsite, each year proves the opportunity to modernize part of the holiday rental area. A selection of designs for families of all sizes and for all budgets is thus on offer to you.
From unusual accommodation, such as the cabin on stilts, to the mobile homes specially designed for families with young children, including designs of different sizes, our accommodation comes in a variety of ranges. The Yelloh spirit is ever present with the wish to offer you the best for your holiday.
Practical, friendly or luxury – why not all three at once? You are on a Yelloh! Village campsite, anything is possible!

l'Océan Breton campsite, the cabin on stilts
l'Océan Breton campsite, the indoor swimming pool and the paddling pool

The iconic aquatic parks

As with the other Yelloh! Village club campsites, our aquatic park is meant to be iconic. Since 2016, a farmhouse in the centre of the camping village has been completely transformed and now accommodates a marvellous swimming pool with an Olympian calm, with water heated to a temperature of 27°C… For children, a “cocoon” accommodates a swimming pool and a paddling pool, with water games and other fun activities. Outside the must-see water slides compete with the multi-jet swimming pool, Jacuzzis and fast-flowing river… The aquatic area is truly fantastic and it’s our clients who say so!

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