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Saint-Ronan de Locronan Church and its “Pénity” Chapel

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Saint-Ronan de Locronan Church and its “Pénity” Chapel

One of the most beautiful specimens of the flamboyant ogival art of the 15th century.

Built over the tomb of Saint-Ronan, this Breton sanctuary has been an architectural jewel and a rich showcase of authentic works of art of a “peasant Christianity” for more than five centuries.

Proof of its true wealth of ancient works of art, this magnificent building is home to, among others :

  • More than fifteen statues, including the one of Saint Christopher (Patron Saint of travellers) or that of Saint Barbara, carrying her tower (Patron Saint of firemen).
  • A pulpit dating from 1707 decorated with 10 medallions relating the legend of Saint Ronan.
  • But also magnificent religious banners made of fabric and several stained glass windows dating from the 15th century representing scenes from the Passion.

What the visitors think:

“It’s a real shock that the interior of this church and a rare thing an exposed and very interesting “treasure”, superb stained-glass windows and a very good condition. Obviously this church is maintained!”

“Superb church, just like the rest of the village which is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Brittany, you have the impression that it was built in one go and take a stroll through time. It is a 15th century Gothic-Romanesque church made of granite. Wonderful stained glass windows if you are lucky enough to see them illuminated by the sun, as well as the pulpit where there has been superb work. A very nice visit.”

“What can I say? There are no words to describe the beauty of this village. Oh, yes, there is. Go there and you’ll understand why the Bretons are proud of their heritage. Don’t expect anything gigantic, but flirt with the hydrangeas in the little cobbled streets, admire every stone. That’s what authenticity is all about. And there’s a LOT of it in Brittany, so enjoy it and come back.”

“The church of Saint-Ronan can be reached from the square in the old village of Locronan. It is a magnificent building of the 15th century, which is very interesting to visit: it allows you to admire beautiful stained glass windows and three beautifully decorated naves. The village cemetery is located behind the church and is worth a quick visit”.

Opening: From 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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