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A thrilling experience with our zipline adventure course

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Camping with zipline : explore your adventurous side at the Océan Breton campsite

At the Océan Breton campsite you have it all – dramatic landscapes, proximity of the sea, closeness to Breton villages with their unique culture and a multitude of opportunity for doing sports and trying out activities. Here, you can try out surfing and stand-up paddling, sailing, or join fishers on their daily forays into the ocean. You can bike along the coastline and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Breton beaches, join a hiking expedition, or climb the tallest tree in the area, get into a pulley, and, holding on to the rope, zoom high above the forest. How about that for an adventure?

Ziplining is a time-honoured activity with Hawaiian roots – historically Hawaiians were using ziplines for safety, as crossing the jungle high above the ground was simply safer. Lately, however, it has been becoming more and more popular across the globe. Unsurprisingly so, as it is not only thrilling, but also allows you to explore the landscape and enjoy incredible views of the land from above, as you are zipping through the air. The Océan Breton campsite is a camping with zipline. The location here is ideal to try it! It has beautiful forests and an incredible coastline – a zipline course at the Océan Breton campsite will offer you a unique glimpse over Brittany from an unusual perspective.

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Zipline adventure course

Our adventure courses for thrill-seekers: try out our acrobatic and zipline course

The zipline course is part of the fun and intensive course programme that we offer and part of our adventure course for adventure lovers and thrill seekers. The adventure course consists of three circuits. You can try out walking on rope bridges stretched between trees, tree climbing and riding the zipline. Currently on offer we have two acrobatic courses, and a zipline course (the latter is only accessible for those aged 8 years and older).

Our adventure courses for thrill-seekers try out our acrobatic and zipline course

Safety first: we keep you safe while you are trying our zipline course

To answer one of your main questions right away: yes, our zipline course is absolutely safe. We regularly check our zipline, ensuring that it remains safe and secure for you to ride. Before you climb the tree to the zip, we give you a helmet. Helmets for zipline are designed to be extra secure to protect you against unfortunate accidents. You are also secured with harnesses at all times – the full-body harnesses hold you tightly around your legs, waist, and shoulders to keep you securely attached to your pulley. Our zipline course takes place under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Safety first we keep you safe while you are trying our zipline course

Further questions?

To find out about the speed of the zipline course or the height at which the zip is stretched, please do not hesitate to contact us. Zipline course for kids between 5 and 8 years old and two zipline courses for adults and children from 8 years old.

Further questions

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