l'Océan Breton campsite, the cabin on stilts



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A voucher gift

As increasing numbers of you have requested it, we are offering you a voucher gift. To use as you please. Would you like a nudge in the right direction for a summer holiday? Perhaps a spring weekend to recharge your batteries? Choose your option!

What options are on offer for the voucher gift?

You can either treat someone to a voucher gift for a precise value, or book a stay for the individual of your choice. The minimum total for the voucher gift is €20.

How should you order the voucher gift?

  • Contact us by mail or by telephone.

  • State the amount of the voucher and the individual you wish to give it to.

  • Pay the amount of the voucher gift to us.

  • We will send you a personalized voucher gift.

How should the voucher gift be used?

The individual you give the voucher to simply has to state that they have a voucher gift in their name, and the amount you have given them will be deducted from their stay. Be careful though as the voucher gift is only valid for the coming 12 months.

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