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l'Océan Breton campsite, nearby: Pont-l'abbé


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Pont-l’Abbé or the capital of the Pays Bigouden (Bigouden Country)!

In France, there are nine bridges containing dwellings including that of Pont l’Abbé, which gives its name to this Breton town.
Known for its famous Bigouden museum and its numerous customs, headdresses, and Breton furniture, Pont-l’Abbé is also prominent due its port and churches dating from the 14th to the 16th century. The port of Pont-l’Abbé was an important trading post for the capital of Bigouden Country.

Traditional cooking is present here with numerous Breton crêperies, as well as a patchwork of shops with at least 250 shops for 8,000 inhabitants. Each year the Embroiderers’ Festival, whose objective is to bring traditional Bigouden local produce to life, takes place in Pont-l’Abbé. Bagadoù (bands comprised of bagpipes, bombards – a woodwind instrument – and drums), dances, songs and associations illustrating and promoting Breton culture (known as Cercles Celtiques) come to life throughout the day, to the greatest delight of 30,000 spectators.
All year, you will find regional and local produce during the large market on Thursday mornings.

In Pont-l’Abbé, there is a must-see fishing location along the delightful river running through the town, where numerous people come to fish for clams and cockles. As regards fauna, large grey herons and pretty common moorhens take up a quarter of the Pont-l’Abbé lake.

This land of legends is home to lovely buildings including a medieval château occupied by the town hall. On the right bank of the river the Bois de Saint-Laurent (a local wood) and its theatre of greenery is the ideal break for a moment of relaxation after your walk.

This historic town by the river has even more to offer you with its unique and preserved heritage. Waste no time in visiting the area!

Activities at Pont-l’Abbé

Bigouden Museum

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